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The Paleo Manifest

Posted: May 16th, 2014 | Author: Patrick Smits | Filed under: Fitness, Health | No Comments »

img-paleo-manifesto For this year, I only set one objective for myself. Loosing fat and becoming healthy again. I took a membership at our local gym and started reading books again on healthy eating. Having read diet books for more than 25 years, one book made quiete a difference. It was as if all small bits of knowledge came together in one book when I read it. Impressively with all the knowledge and research around, It is amazing how few real research is done and how little is really known around health and healthy eating. We need to figure it out ourself what’s good for us. We need to be Biohackers… And we are surrounded with the enemy in cheap processed foods and abundant sugary products. Good luck with it. So how do you change your personal habit to become healthy again. No more diets, but living a healty life…

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