Human Performance Technology: the study and ethical practice of improving productivity in organizations by designing and developing effective interventions that are result-oriented, comprehensive and systemic. (Handbook of Human Performance Technology, James A. Pershing)
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This Weblog aims to be a cross-point to share knowledge and thoughts about improving performance through people. There is already a lot of research and knowledge out there. But every intervention is different and requires creative thoughts.

It is a real challenge in these fast changing times to keep up with performance for organisations. What is right what is wrong. Who will tell it?  What worked today will not work tomorow. And when we always do what we did, we get what we always got. Innovation happens only when people share and co-create.

Dialoge an telling is essential in creation. Appreciation and non-judgment is conditional for the free flow of ideas. This Weblog aims to be inclusive as long as comments are appreciative and inclusive. Deficit language is not constructive for connecting and co-creating.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles and that it might inspire you to subscribe, write comments and challenge the thoughts. Why not write an article yourself.

Here is a video that inspired us. It illustrates the values, we stand for and thinking behind this Blog. In short we want to help every person developping himself to his full potential being performant and successful in what he or she does.