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If you were to skip one ingredient in your diet…

Posted: June 4th, 2014 | Author: Patrick Smits | Filed under: Fitness, Health, Personal Performance, Uncategorized | No Comments »

what would that be. For me it’s clear, it is SUGAR. It is also the hardest ingredient to eliminate from your diet. Sugar is in nearly everything. It is even worse when you consider that there are even more equivalents of sugar, like corn syrup and all the chemical alternatives like there is aspartam. Just start reading the ingredients lists, and you will see. The more shocking idea is that research is neglected and ignored by the industry. How much longer can the industry go on. Eventually they will run in problems with the governments who need to finance the healthcare. Again, you as a consumer of food are on your own. You need to inform yourself, change you life style in being very selective in what you eat. Good luck with that. You also need to spend more money for this healthier food. Again, health is for the rich and informed.


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